Let's pour gasoline on your social media biz & 
ignite your dreams! 

0-5k in 90 days!

...and discover why my most committed students start hearing the cha-CHING of deposits hitting their bank accounts 
in as little as 21 days! 

Because right now...

you may be wondering if your dream 
is a reality or just a fantasy

If you’ve been sitting on that dream to start your own business, 

pursue your passion, 

and start living on your own terms…

Then I’m here to tell you it’s time to stop dreaming and start doing.

Girl, you know you can do this. You know you’ve got the talent, so what’s holding you back?

Are you afraid if you try, you will fail? 

Oh, but what if you fly? 

You’ll never know unless you take that leap unless you start that business unless you follow your dreams, and now is the time!

With The Agency Starter program, you will get 
all the knowledge, support, and tools you need to 
take your business from start-up to 5k in just 90 days!
You’ve been dreaming of starting your own business for ages, but there are always these little fears at the back of your mind holding you back…

Maybe you're afraid you’ll waste time and money?

I get it; starting something new is scary and time-consuming. 

Plus, if you invest in the accelerator program and it doesn’t work, will you have wasted your investment?

Your fears are legitimate; you are not the only one who’s felt like this before.

Can I tell you a little secret? 

All the greats feel like this! 

Do you think Rihanna wasn’t scared the first time she put herself out?

She may have been singing S.O.S. but she didn’t let anything stop her from succeeding.

Do you believe Lizzo let her fears stop her from flying?

H*ll NO! She put herself out there and loves herself for exactly who she is!

They took a leap of faith and just look at how much they have soared! To new heights, and so can you.

Can I tell you another secret? 

You don’t have to do this alone. 

Could you figure out how to get a business off the ground yourself without investing in courses and coaches?

Probably but it’s also going to take you ages, and let’s face it. If you're going to do this, then you want to do this right! 

That’s why I created this program. 

I had so many amazing ladies coming into my Agency Accelerator because they wanted the amazing support and training they would get from the program.

But something was missing for many of them. The ones who were just starting out felt behind those who had already been working at this.

So I create the Agency Starter because I realized the ladies who were just starting out needed a different kind of support.

The kind of support that could take them from making little to no money to 5K as fast as possible 

Ready to get your Agency Started?

Ditch Impostor Syndrome and Step Into the Limelight, Sis. 
You Were Made to Shine.  

With The Agency Starter, you’re going to get:

Starting to see the light?! Phew! 😂

Here’s a look at what’s in store for you over the next six months . . . 

  • A personalized strategy that works for YOUR business
  • ​Weekly support from a mentor who has created the business of your dreams and can show you step by step how to do it yourself! 

  • The exact strategies that Lucy used to go from $0-$5000 in 30 days!
  • Accountability coaching to make sure you're not falling asleep at the wheel 
  • Proven solutions for any business hurdle that comes your way

Is your heart pumping through your chest? 

I know investing in your dreams is SCARY! 

Taking the leap and starting a business can be scary stuff. 

I mean who are you to dream so big, right? 

GIRL, let me stop you there. 

I truly believe if you weren't meant to do this, then you wouldn't be here right now. 

You wouldn't have this big vision for your life. 

Just imagine what your life will look when you have an established business bringing you consistent income.

What’s it feel like when you break income goal after income goal?

Reaching heights that would have never been possible in your 9-5.

Seriously, are your eyes closed?

Because I really want you to sit with this feeling of what could be and see how it makes you feel.

It’s pretty amazing, right? 

Well, it’s totally possible in your business. This doesn’t have to be a dream anymore; this can be your reality. 

You can have a successful business bringing you the income and freedom you’ve always dreamed of.

Ready to finally realize those dreams?

Hold up, Lucy . . . 
What makes you an expert?

I love it when my students make me pull out my interview cap

It means you’re taking your success seriously . . . 

And that’s the first key to claiming the six-figure agency you deserve. 

Listen, a lot of people are gonna offer you courses that promise the world and back.

But the cold hard reality is that most of them have never walked a mile in your shoes. 

Flashback to my first two years as an agency owner and corporate-America refugee . . .

I worked 24/7 to hit my goal of consecutive $10-$15k months. 

Did I do it? 


Did I suffer from crazy burnout and lose wads of hair in the process? 

You bet. (Still fighting off those premature grays)! 

And you know what I discovered? 

Despite having more money in my bank account than ever before . . .

Despite ordering five-star sushi without batting an Yves-Saint-Laurent blackest-black eyelash . . .

The money was NOT worth it. 

“Whaaaa?! But five-figure months are the dream, right?!” 


The dream is five (and even six) figure months from an agency that frees up your time 
and sends jolts of warm feel-goods through your heart. Every. Single. Day. 

That’s why I invested in a little something called “systems and automation.”

And to say these new strategies paid off is my understatement of the year. 

Because in the last 12 months . . . 

I’ve managed to unchain myself from the rat race . . .

Quadruple my email list in less than 4 weeks . . .

And explode my revenue by 1200% in 60 days.

What’s more, I fell back in love with my business . . . 

Something that’s priceless for modern-day mavens who eat, breathe, and sleep purpose-driven lives. 

I literally stumbled into solid gold.

And as a firm believer in the power of energetic exchanges, I’ve been bursting at the seams to share this knowledge with my fellow boss-women tribe. 

Ready to know what I know? 

Ready to implement the same strategies that are carrying my agency to seven figures as we speak?

I couldn’t be more thrilled to share them with you . . .

But only if you are ALL IN on your success.


This program contains magic!

Ready to learn what's included?! Hold on to your seats! 

  • Course Portal for Trainings and Resources
  • Facebook Group Support 
  • 90-day roadmap to setting up your marketing agency & and landing your first clients 
  • Plug & Play resources  

Trainings review: 

  • My 6 Figure High Ticket Pricing Methodology™
  • How to set up your proposals & contracts so you ensure there's no scope creep. 
  • ​The VIP Client Onboarding Formula 
  • ​6 Steps to YES - the Irresistible Sales Call Method
  • It Goes Down in the DMs ™- how to sell in the DMs without being "salesy" 
  • How to fill your pipeline with Leads ready to BUY 
  • ​the High Ticket Client Magnet Method  
  • ​6 Figure Money Mindset Methodology

Everything you need to start your agency off right.

I give you the proven step by step process to get you up and running fast. So you don’t waste any more time worrying about the things that aren’t going to get your business where it needs to be!

So what are you waiting for? 

You're prob thinking this sounds amazing! 

Don't worry I'm not going to make you refinance your home! 

Now, normally this program would be offered at $4997 - 

But I’m offering it right now for $2222 If you pay in full!

If you need a payment plan, we’ve got one of those too!
6 payments of $444.44

Try it risk-free. You’ve got nothing to lose.
If you're ready to finally make your business dreams a reality, then it’s time to invest in yourself and your future.

You are the biggest asset in your business, and it’s time you start treating yourself that way with the training and support you deserve. 

If you still have some questions, that.s okay. I probably would too.
Hopefully, some of these can answer your questions!

Join a Boss Tribe of Women Are Living Their Best Lives 
and Get Ready to Scale Beyond Your Wildest Dreams . . .

Because after Day One, you’ll realize you’re not even thinking big enough yet. 

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