Confidently Land Your 
Dream Clients 
and Scale A 
Six-Figure Business

Build an empire through powerful social media marketing, without doubts, overwhelm, or getting married to your iPhone.

Is this real life, or is it just fantasy?

Nah, Sis. It’s real. Check it! ⬇️

“OMG just booked a new client again ❤️ so grateful for your work!” 
- Caitlin

“I'm 5 days in and I've signed 2 new high ticket clients this week, I have 4 additional proposals out with 2 more calls scheduled!"
- Morgan V.

". . . This is the first time I have been given real actionable steps. LOVE THIS SO MUCH.” -Rachele F. 

Get Ready to Boss Up and Change Your Life, Lizzo-Style 👑. . .

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      Be Honest. Does Making Sales through Social Media 
      Feel Totally Overwhelming?

      I’ve been there, and it goes something like this . . .

      The alarm goes off at 7 a.m. You grab your phone, bleary-eyed and half asleep, checking your IG on autopilot before rolling out of bed. 

      And then . . .


      That won’t stop you, though. You’re a force of nature, ready to do what it takes to make this dang thing work in your favor.

      Like, comment, post, block creepy guy from your DMs, say a couple of affirmations for success . . .

      Wash, Rinse, Repeat!

      This should work, right? 😬

      But by lunchtime, you’re hit hard with posts from your competitors . . .

      Where all those dream clients of yours seem to be hanging out.

      Then you see your best friend’s account for her ten-year-old chihuahua just hit 15k followers. . . And she made it as a joke! 

      Now you’re starting to wonder if getting good clients through the Gram comes with a secret code only a select few elite members of society can crack . . .

      And your inner mean girl is screaming at you to give up and crawl back into bed. 

      Oooh, girl. I feel you. 

      If you’re #overit, I don’t blame you.

      On the DL, this is what life looked like for a lot of boss women who built their empires from scratch through social media marketing. 

      But we all managed to turn it around, and I’m here to tell you that YOU can too.

      Imagine If Your DM’s Were Chock-Full of Dream Clients Ready to Pay for Your Amazingness . . . 
      Without Any Low-Vibe Shenanigans.

      I Don’t Need to Pull Out My Goddess Deck to Tell You What Would Happen . . .

      • You’d drive BIG impact on a daily basis through a heart-centered community 💜
      • You’d have time to soak in a bath for more than 5 minutes without worrying about who’s responded to your IG story 
      • You’d get to be PICKY about which clients you want to work with (*gasp*) 😲
      • ​ You’d pay off your debt and book that yoga retreat everyone’s raving about with zero fear of breaking the bank
      • ​You’d walk away from your IG feed feeling energized instead of depleted
      • ​You’d turn the competition into COLLABS that crush it, transforming old triggers into your soul tribe 🙌

      Can I get an amen?! 

      Not only is this real life for my incredible clients, but I created a course to help you achieve the same boss status. 


      Social Media Maven Academy

      An online course where you’ll learn the proven social media strategies that so many women use to scale a six-figure business . . .

      WithOUT being glued to your phone 24/7, losing sleep over the competition, giving into sleazy “guru” gimmicks, or being anything but your bad self. 

      "Lucy is the absolute truth when it comes to acquiring clients through content marketing. From video strategies to social media she is someone you absolutely want to take time to listen to and learn from.”
      - Ashleigh C

      Oh, hey! I’m Lucy.

       And I’m ecstatic we’ve met . . .
      Because just by finding this page, you’re already showing up as the divine Goddess you are . . .

      And putting in the hustle necessary to do transformative work for yourself and your clients.

      I see you, girl. 😉

      So why listen to me? Why pick up what I’m throwing down?

      Because I’ve been in your shoes, sister. 

      Now, I can confidently tell you that every day in my life is jam-packed with intentional purpose, financial freedom, and an empowering tribe of entrepreneur empresses.

      I’ve helped fabulous women scale their businesses beyond their wildest dreams . . .

      Counted some of the world’s top brands as my clients, including Grey Goose, Rolex, Chase, Amex, and more . . .

      And I have cracked the code to making six-figures by celebrating my most authentic self. Heck, I even landed Jasmine Star (one of my biggest competitors) as my client using the same strategies I teach today. 

      Real talk though. I struggled for years before I finally stepped into my power.

      You see, in a not-so-distant past, I was stuck in a dead-end corporate job. Every day was a nightmarish “groundhog day” of the day before. 

      And the idea that I’d spend the rest of my life working my butt off to make someone ELSE rich? 

      TBH, I felt like a ball of anxiety all the freakin’ time.

      But I was also hungry for growth. Passionate about my purpose. And ready to flip the script on what my life would look like. 

      So I quit. 

      I got busy investing in myself, reframing my reality, 
      and developing strategies to scale my business . . .

      And then I started helping other women align with a storybook version of their career narratives:

      • From start up to 35k in 30 days
      • ​Likes from mom to match made in heaven 60K clients
      • ​From 10 Hours a day scrolling past memes to attending a no-phone-allowed meditation without batting a mascara-coated eyelash
      • ​From another selfie because what else is there to post to endless inspiration for brilliant, unique content that resonates

      And Now It’s Your Turn to Rise Like a Phoenix 
      From the Ashes and Claim the Success You Deserve!

      After going through Social Media Marketing Maven Academy, you’ll . . .

      Build a Heart-Centered Community . . .
      Where soul sisters raise each other up and enthusiastic clients fill your DM’s, ready and willing to pay good money to do transformative work. 

      Stop Wasting Time on Social Media . . .
      And learn how to confidently say NO to unconscious scrolling and YES to the me-time you deserve. 

      Scale Your Business Up to Six-Figures . . . 
      Making the world a brighter, more beautiful place and basking in the expansive glow of financial freedom. 

      “Lucy actually does what she teaches in her course. Not only for herself but for her clients. That is the kind of person you want to learn from.”

      Ready to Level Up Your Gram Game?

      Payment plan
      2 payments of:

        One Time payment


          Dying to Know the Kinds of Results We Can Get You? Take a Peak . . . 

          • ​Increased viewers by 388% for the US Open with 43MM impressions and 2.1MM engaged users
          • ​Scored Rolex 2.3MM views, 41,000 likes, and 628 shares
          • ​Reached 91,759 ideal customers for Amex through 100% organic traffic
          • Went from $0 - $38k in revenue generated in 30 days 
          • ​Skyrocketed follower growth rate for CBD Brand by 215% in 30 days (again, all organic.)
          • Landed Jasmine Star as a client in the DMs!

          Are you still wondering if we can scale your business beyond your wildest dreams? 😉

          “Okay, I’m With You . . . But What Am I Going to Learn Inside?”

          I’m glad you asked! I’ve packed this course with everything I know about making serious cash through sustainable & scalable social media marketing. You’ll get instant access to all the secrets my clients are using to radically shift their businesses. 

          Module 1: Messaging that Moves

          Your words are your magic, hon. In this module, you’ll nail down your dream client, and learn how to speak straight to their heart through spellbinding content, killer captions, and empathic, genuine conversation.

          💕 Get laser-focused on who your dream client is

          💕 Write messaging that RESONATES on a soul level

          💕 Craft captivating captions that convert into real sales 

          Module 2: Nail Your Aesthetics

          Don’t let anyone tell you differently . . . You are unique AF. Now we just need to show you off to the world as the queen you are. I’ll guide you through how to build a brand aesthetic you’ll fall head over heels for.

          Design an IG page with personality written all over it

          ✨ Create a full brand experience with irresistible energy

          ✨Nail down a theme that invites the community you’re calling in

          Module 3: Gotta Be Social On Social

          No hiding on this one, okay? I’ll teach you the tricks I use to stay active on IG without getting cold feet or losing a wink of sleep. Start genuine conversations effortlessly and transform your DM’s into a sales-generating machine

          💕 Know exactly when to post and WHAT to post

          💕 Learn the trick to turning casual DM’ers into hardcore clients

          💕 Set notifications for your priority accounts

          Module 4: Increasing Your Discoverability

          Let yourself be seen, girl! We’re going to walk through the exact steps you need to take to build brand awareness, so your dream clients and soul community can easily discover your page. 

          Learn the secret behind hashtagging the smart way

          Discover the best strategies for getting found on IG

          ✨Get other people talking about your gorgeous content

          Module 5: Work Smarter, Not Harder

          Wake up to a life filled with flexibility. Get instant access to my entire roadmap of successful strategies for streamlining work, so you can accelerate results without wasting hours scrolling. 

          💕 Set a good chunk of your work on autopilot

          💕 See results in less time than ever before

          💕 Confidently tune-out + turn off (no more IG before coffee!)

          Are We a Match? 

          Let’s be real. Social Media Marketing Academy isn’t for the faint of heart. 

          It IS for you if . . .

          • ​You’re not here for vanity metrics like follower counts (which let’s face it, most people buy these days). Instead you want to skyrocket engagement and turn strangers into 💲!
          • ​You’re ready to break out of the matrix and create a reality that your inner Goddess feels comfy living in. (Financial freedom looks good on you, girl!)
          • ​You’ve got a service-based business and are ready to empower your clients with your brilliant, transformative offer.
          • You’re not afraid of a little hustle, but don’t want to burn out while reaching for the stars. 
          • You’re tired of feeling guilty for ordering that extra side of guac and are truly 100% ready to honor yourself with the abundance you deserve. 
          • You’re motivated to contribute your genius and make a BIG impact . . . And not just looking for a get-rich-quick scheme so you can “call it quits.”

          Does this sound like you? Then we’re made for each other! 😍

          “As the CEO of a Digital Marketing Agency and a Marketer for over 10 years, I have seen A LOT of bad marketing and people trying to sell bandaids to business owners. Things like another template, or a way to “hack the algorithm”, or email list building tip. But what Lucy offers is far beyond all of that.”

          Ready to Get Your Beyoncé Moment? I Gotchu, Boo. 

          Get this: my clients are currently paying me $3,000 to $5,000 a month to access the tools, resources, and strategies I’m teaching them. 

          And they’re willing to pay good money because they’re getting GREAT results. 

          But now, you can tap into ALL the secrets I’m sharing with them on building a mass following, scaling to $100k and beyond, and taking back your power for a one-time payment of $397. 

          Get Ready to Transform Your Vision Boards into a Whimsical, Dreamy Reality Every. Damn. Day. 

          • ​Create captivating content that lasts for weeks on end
          • ​Hit consistent $10k months in less time than ever
          • ​ Turn strangers into your brand’s biggest evangelists
          • ​ Build a community of like-minded goddesses on the gram
          • ​ Engage your dream clients through genuine conversations

          Take the radical, courageous next step of granting yourself permission to follow your dreams. 

          Because there’s a world of abundance patiently waiting for you to receive it . . .

          You just need to be willing to show up for yourself. 

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